Sunday, April 5, 2009

Monday Metamorphosis

I'm excited, this is my first time participating in Metamorphosis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch! I'm going to share something I've been working on for a little while and finally got finished today. We've been working on our master bedroom, and it's about 90% done. I'll do a full before & after post later. For now I'll just show you one of things I really, really wanted to change about the room!

We have a large, deep closet that I commandeered for myself after moving in (I know, typical female behavior). It has built-in shelves and tons of room and I love it! Unfortunately it also had those typical ugly, white, hollowcore builder's doors. They were dingy and had stick-on mirror tiles, which were functional, but not very aesthetic.
We debated a lot of different ideas for this area, and my wonderful crafty husband came up with the idea of frames covered with stretched fabric. Having a super awesome garage full of power tools (yes, we love gender roles!), Jason whipped up these frames and reused the old hardware for the track.
Then, I looked and looked for the right fabric. And looked and looked and looked. We finally found the right stuff at, of course, IKEA. Have I professed my love of IKEA on this blog yet? Perhaps another time. I ended up buying some cheap cream-colored twin sheets and two cream blankets. With the sheets, I just doubled them over, stapled them onto the frames, and cut away the excess.
I thought getting the blankets attached would be just as easy, but the material turned out to be rather stretchy and since it had a horizontal textured stripe, I was worried about it getting distorted. This is when I broke out the big guns. Literally.

Let's stop for a minute and talk about staple guns. This is the one I have had forever. It resided in what Jason likes to refer to as my "single girl tool box." I would like to note that said tool box served me perfectly adequately for many years, in many apartments. So there.
This gun was okay for attaching the thin bedsheets, but when it came to the blanket, it was a no go. The staples were too short for the thick fabric and sturdy wood. And so ladies, we turn to our little friend, Porter Cable.That's right baby, 150 PSIs of staply goodness, coming atcha'. With this little charmer in hand, we made short work of the project! A two-person project for sure, due to the stretchy nature of the fabric, but we managed to keep the lines pretty straight. We started stapling at the top, cutting room for the hardware, and then went down the sides, pulling the fabric taut around the corners. I cut off the extra fabric in the back, which leaves it a little raggedy looking. Someday when I have the oomph I might find some wide ribbon and glue gun it over the edges. But for now, the only way you would see it is if you were in my closet, and that would be creepy.
Jason attached some handles, hung the doors on the track, and we were done! It is so nice to have closet doors again. Not that I don't love admiring my shoes....

And there you have it -- the metamorphosis of my closet doors! They're creamy and soft and textured and I love them! The new wall color helps a lot too. Don't mind the giant bed that sticks out in front of the doors. Or the crap above the closet. That's for another day. Today was full of crafty fun. I was a little intimidated by this project, but once I got going, it went really smoothly. The only piece of advice I would leave you with is this: When in doubt, use the power tool. It's much more satisfying!

Now go on over to Between Naps on the Porch and check out everyone else's changes!


Mary said...

Happy first Met Monday! This my first Met Monday as well. I really like what you did with your closet doors! The fabric looks sooo cool, what a smart idea. Mary from Boogieboard Cottage.

Martha said...

Glad you joined Met Monday -- I think it is fun and it is fun to see what others have done. What a great job on those doors -- I know you're much happier with the new version!

Shelia said...

Hi! It's nice to meet you and welcome to Met Monday! Oh, you're the most creative one! The closet doors look great!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I am stopping by via BNOTP. Great transformation!

Debbie @ said...

Hey I love a woman who can use power tools. It is a wonderful feeling to plug something in...that makes a lot of loud noise...hahaha...ok and then you finish this great project!!!! What a great post. YOu did a wonderful job. Can't wait to see your next project!

Melissa Miller said...

They look so good!
~Wonderful MM post! :)

DesignTies said...

Good job transforming the closet doors. Gotta love power tools!!!

Kelly @ DesignTies

lacylegend said...

my creative children have no bounds / limits......
what a supporter in the SIL
see you soon.

janet said...

Congrats on your first met monday, im hooked as i can hardly wait until monday to see all the blogger makeovers. The ideas are endless. Your idea for the closet doors is brilliant and they look so awesome, great job!

Mara... said...

Great project, Sarah! I love that pic of you and the nail gun. I think I might need to watch out!!