Monday, October 20, 2008

Could it be??

So it has still been in the mid-80s weather wise. Not very fallish and it was starting to make me angry. Jason's parents in Maine have leaves changing colors and nippy weather. I'm jealous. I finally said forget it -- and just put out all my fall and Halloween decorations anyway. Like perhaps I could will the weather to change, give it a little hint. I think it may have worked.

I was driving through the Fabulous 40s the other day, on my way home from a few errands. I love driving through this neighborhood, not so much because of the houses, but because of the incredible trees. They're old and huge and arch up forming a beautiful canopy over the streets. I was cruising with the windows down, enjoying the slight breeze and then....I saw them. Leaves. Leaves falling off the trees and blowing about the street. It was if all the trees suddenly made an executive decision to turn and fall, weather be damned! Brown and orange and yellow and, well, mostly brown (this is not a hotspot for leaf-peeping). The way they were flying about and crunching under my tires made me inexplicably happy.

And so it finally feels like fall! A little too warm, but fall nonetheless. Chilly riding my bike to work in the morning. Getting dark just a touch earlier. Root vegetables showing up in our CSA produce box. Jason slightly less cranky mowing the lawn. Snuggling under the (not too heavy) covers at night.

Welcome fall, I've missed you.

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Mara... said...

Yeah for fall!!!!!!!!!! We are getting cooler weather, too and I love it!