Saturday, October 4, 2008


It rained. It honest-to-goodness rained!! You know, the wet stuff falling out of the sky?? It has been such a hot summer here and according to the calender, it has been fall for a few weeks now. Unfortunately you wouldn't know it by the hot hot hot weather. Finally yesterday it was overcast and smelled like rain coming. And last night it happened!

I cannot explain how happy this makes me. I'm ready for cold!! I'm ready to wear jeans and sweaters and scarves and be snuggled on the couch with the windows closed against the howling wind. I want to take a drive up 50 and see the leaves changing and pick apples and carve pumpkins. I'M TIRED OF BEING HOT!!!!!

Of course it is only supposed to last today and then get back up to 86 degrees next week. Grrrr. Such fickle California weather. But I'll take it as a start. Fall decorations are coming out today and it's time to start praying for snow!!!!! For it is on the wintery slopes where one will find.....Captain Awesome....


Captain Awesome said...

Holy crap thats the best snowboarding I have EVER seen!

Mara... said...

OMG Is the world ready for Captain Awesome again??? SCARY stuff!