Friday, March 27, 2009

I've Been Tagged!!

Sweet, my sister Mara just tagged me on her blog! Apparently that means I have to take a picture of myself RIGHT NOW and post it here. Fortunately, it was just the kick I needed to get my bloggy butt in gear and get posting again. So without further's how hot I'm looking on a Friday night:

Try not to be jealous. I live a life of glamour and excitement. And poor self-portrait-taking skills. My hair is still wet from when I put it up in a clip after my shower for an impromptu trip to IKEA. Which yielded many, many finds for home improvement. Which reminds me, I really need to do some before and after pictures on here of the rooms we've finished so far.

The IKEA trip also gave me an opportunity to be reminded of how similar Jason and my dear Dad are. They never met each other, but at least once a day Jason does something that makes me laugh because it reminds me of my Dad, and then I get a little creeped out because I can't believe I pulled a Freud and completely "married my father." I could list the ways they are similar, but I only need to illustrate with this story, and I think you will understand.

As Jason was having a slight stroke tonight after paying at IKEA, we parked the carts and I told him to wait and I went to the snack bar. Feeling like a big spender, and so grateful he had just bought me some new house doo-hickeys, I pulled out a couple bills and 2 quarters and ordered up some hot dogs (okay, I also got myself a cinnamon roll, they're really good and only $1!).

When I returned with the hot dogs, Jason's eyes lit up and he declared me a wonderful wife.

And this my friends, is quite similar to what would have happened had my Dad been here with us. Except the calling me a wonderful wife part (knock it off creepy Freudites!). After checking out, Dad would have snuck away to the snack bar, ever so happy with a 50 cent hot dog. The man never met a hot dog, or a sausage-type meat product, that he did not like. I think it was his German heritage. After telling Jason this for what I'm sure is the 400th time (with him listening indulgently), he finished his hot dog, wiped his mouth, and declared "He was obviously a man of taste."

And this is why I love my husband *sigh* I miss my Dad ever so much, but I see a little bit of him in Jason every single day, and that makes me so happy. And it's not creepy, right?? Right?? Seriously, it's not, right??


Mara... said...

NOT Creeepy!!!! I don't think... hee hee hee. That story is SO true. Hot Dogs and Mrs. Fields Cookies at the Stoneridge Mall. You could always count on him finding one of those during a mall trip!

So...what did you get at Ikea? And great photo!! SOOOO Happy you are blogging again!!!!

Paul said...

Or dad's other favorite snack purchase, NECCO'S AT ORCHARD!!! But he would sometimes get the all chocolate roll and I would be grossed out.